Great UX is a team sport!

Daniel Schwartz is a product and UX design leader (player/coach) and mentor with 15+ years of experience. I enjoy leading product design for enterprise-scale software products to deliver clean, effective, elegant, and delightful user experiences that solve problems and deliver ROI to the customer. I also believe that the best products delivered are those done in a team fashion where engineering, product, and design are working together to deliver on time to meet the project, user/ customer goals.

Selected case studies & presentations

Additional work samples including additional projects, prototypes, process & team building info, interviews, and patents available upon request.

D2iQ: AI & ML actionable insights for Kubernetes infrastructure management
Support users in more powerful and scalable management and monitoring of their company’s Kubernetes deployments by providing actionable insights directly in the platform.
AI + Machine Learning Based Account Data Predictions & Recommendations for Enterprise Sales Professionals
0 to 1 product design work to create a visual language, user interface, and user experience to communicate predictive AI/ML-based scoring categorizations and values for B2B sales data for use by enterprise sales and marketing professionals.
Process & lessons learned in driving enterprise design systems.
Based on my 15+ years experience contributing to and leading enterprise design systems, here I will cover the key steps, processes, best practices, and other key points on crafting design systems from foundational work to steps to scale an enterprise design system.