Lead UX designer for Oracle Sales Cloud Applications' Sales Forecasting product for 3 releases. This software enables sales professionals– from reps to managers, and all the way up to the VP level– to track, analyze, and communicate about projected sales revenue. The UX design goal is to deliver a straightforward user experience, optimized for tablet and desktop, that delivers analytics and functionality to empower sales professionals in their work.
Oracle Sales Cloud: Sales Forecasting
Oracle, Sales, Analytics, Data Visualization, Mobile, Enterprise
Designed analytics to provide sales professionals information they need while they are working to be successful to accurately predict revenues and communicate with their management. In creating such analytics, the goal was to provide users with key information with little to no processing on their end so they can use such reports to do their job better and more efficiently.
Oracle Sales Cloud: Transactional Sales Analytics
Oracle, Sales, Analytics, Data Visualization, Mobile, Enterprise
Designed data visualizations and analytics to enable sales professionals to have a better gauge on their overall performance and goals as well as compared to their peers. A design goal of the later is to incentive sales professionals to better perform, individually and in comparison with their peers. I employed gamification and other user centered design (UCD) techniques to optimize such visualizations.
Oracle Sales Cloud: Performance- Related Analytics
Oracle, Sales, Analytics, Data Visualization, Mobile, Enterprise
Concept designs exploring mobile sales applications to empower sales managers on the go.
Concept: Mobile Sales App
Mobile, Analytics, Sales, UX Research
Before enterprise functionality was a must have on mobile devices in 2010, I initiated design research and exploration regarding how to deliver and present Oracle Applications' powerful enterprise dashboards and analytics user interfaces in a mobile platform. The UX goal was to empower business professionals to truly have 360° actionable views of their business data while on the go.
Oracle Mobile Innovation Research: My360Mobile
Oracle, Mobile, Data Visualization, Financials, Enterprise
These days it is quite common for business professionals to scan, track, and submit expenses while on the go. However in the 2010, that was not the case yet but I still saw the fantastic business opportunities that lay ahead. I initiated design research and exploration regarding how such mobile expenses software systems would behave for large enterprises and how such a system would integrate with Oracle Applications' product suite.
Oracle Mobile Innovation Research: Mobile Expenses
Oracle, Mobile, Financial, Enterprise
Concept mobile app to browse, customize, and order handcrafted macarons. If a user has already ordered a macaron in the past, the menu text will be Reorder instead of Order. More screens to come soon!
Concept: Macaron Co. Mobile App
Mobile, Ecommerce, Procurement, Consumer
Created an original proposal for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art's (LACMA) Art + Technology Lab. The concept GroupShow brings big data and interactive art to LACMA's curatorial staff, featured artists, and viewers. While artists can more easily create interactive works of art, viewers can interact with the artworks directly from their own mobile devices. Museum curators and artists can then harness the power of big data to analyze exhibit, museum, and artwork data to improve not only the exhibition experience but the artworks themselves.
GroupShow Proposal- Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art + Technology Lab
Mobile, Analytics, Data Visualization, Art, Hackathon
Invented and submitted for patent via my employer new paradigms and methods for user interaction between desktop computers and mobile devices, with a focus on enterprise software and workplace information security. One main question I try to answer is: How can enterprise software's UX and security be enhanced now that most workers have a mobile device on hand?
Desktop and Mobile Computer Interaction Methods
Oracle, Mobile, Patents, Enterprise
Winning project of a hackathon sponsored by Nasa, SETI, Echouser, and others to help engage astronomers and the public to help make our planet safer by re-imagining asteroid data and how it is communicated. In our small team of 4 talented strong players, I led the UX design of the project, drove the story, HTML and CSS coding, and presented the prototype. <a href="http://www.nasa.gov/content/asteroid-hackathon/#.VFPT-fnF98E" target="_blank">More information...</a>
NASA Asteroid Big Data Hackathon
Analytics, Data Visualization, Hackathon
User Interface design explorations in 2012 on how can use data visualizations to better communicate service request quantity and priority for call center representatives. The image above shows a wireframe draft rendering of the concept. Oracle provides software for call center representatives as part of Oracle Customer Experience (CX) software product offerings.
Oracle Call Center: Knowledge Cloud Data Visualization
Oracle, Customer Support, Analytics, Data Visualization, Enterprise
As part of internal hackathon at Oracle, participated on team of 3 to creative an innovative mobile application leveraging Oracle's latest mobile business intelligence technologies. We won 2nd place for our idea and prototype! We were lauded for the different data set technologies we were able to technically integrate together and also creating a compelling story and UI around these data sets, the later of which I drove.
Oracle Mobile Business Intelligence Hackathon
Oracle, Mobile, Analytics, Data Visualization, Hackathon
Collaborated and consulted with colleague to optimize Call Telephony Interface (CTI) toolbar user interactions for call center agents. Call center agent work is high stress and volume so design goal was to optimize key user interactions for quick response times: inbound calls, outbound calls, multiple calls and virtual queuing.
Oracle Call Center: Call Telephony Interface (CTI) Toolbar
Oracle, Customer Support, Enterprise
In 2005, I worked as part of an Oracle + Adobe team to brainstorm and design use cases where enterprise users would benefit from rich Adobe Flash interactivity. We then created working demos of Oracle technology mashed up with Adobe's Flex technology. This way enterprise users can experience the same benefits of rich interactivity and performance currently being enjoyed by consumers. In the e-commerce sample screen, when the end user moves the slider or edits other controls on the left, the table of available phones on the right dynamically changes. The user can also see availability of the phones through an integration with Google Maps, as well as put selected phone(s) into a cart. The analytics on the right show a business analyst scenario, where sales phone data can be analyzed and drilled into, all using real-time interactive UIs. This collaboration culminated with the demos being shown at Oracle Open World in 2006.
Oracle + Adobe: Flex integration into Webcenter
Oracle, Adobe, Procurement, Analytics, Data Visualization, Enterprise
I am a big fan of eye tracking for specific scenarios and use cases, even for when Lean UX (LUX) is called for. As for all user centered design work, it's all about the use case. When designing high intensity systems like call center applications where mountains of data are pushed and available to users and seconds make a difference, such testing techniques allow designers to shave off seconds of task completion times. I have very much enjoyed teaming up with user researchers for such testing scenarios where taking that extra testing time, cost, and work can mean a huge boost in usability and the ROI is easily met.
Eye Tracking User Research
Oracle, UX Research
Before I start any design work, I always start with understanding who the key users are and their responsibilities, needs, goals, and behaviors. 'Know thy users' is my mantra and key part of my design workflow that I evangelize to product managers and developers I work with. I employ user research techniques such as creating personas and 'day in the life' studies to get to know users better. I am also passionate about usability testing for both quantitative and qualitative feedback.
User Research: Know Thy User!
UX Research, Enterprise
From 2006 to 2009, I was the lead UI/UX designer on Oracle Flexfields product. This powerful technology allows customers to extend and customize specific parts of Oracle Applications, especially for general accounting purposes, with ease and flexibility without any programming. It is used by some of the biggest companies in the world. This technology is a key differentiator for Oracle Applications from it's competitors and has helped close many deals once they see it in action I have heard. I led the submission of 2 patents with the USPTO for our UI/UX work, with 1 patent being accepted.
Oracle Flexfields
Oracle, Financial, Extensibility, System Administration, Patents
From 2006- 2011, I was the lead UI/UX designer on Oracle Setup Manager for Fusion Applications. We developed a uniform user experience and single point of entry for all Oracle Fusion Applications' to be set up and configured for use by our customers. We developed, evangelized, and ensured UI standards and best practices for applications setup across all Oracle Fusion Application products for 1,000s of developers and program managers. I led the submission of 3 patents for our UI/UX work, with <a href="http://www.google.com/patents/US20120036462" target="_blank">1 patent being accepted.</br><a href="http://youtu.be/91XB_0Dkzm8" target="_blank">View video</a> about Oracle Fusion Setup.
Oracle Fusion Setup Manager
Oracle, System Administration, Enterprise, Patents
Enterprise object models are quite complex as one would imagine. The topology viewer data visualization we employed here allows users (system administrators and implementation consultants) to have a hierarchical and visual representation of the objects model that has been setup and deployed for an organization/ company. Users can navigate and zoom in/ out of the entire object model with the goal for them to really understand, verify, and maintain the applications setup.
Oracle Fusion Setup Manager: Topology Viewer
Oracle, Data Visualization, System Administration, Enterprise
Led the design of a product to schedule, manage, and deploy patches for Oracle Fusion Applications software suite. This highly technical product is used by system administrators and consultants to keep Oracle Applications up to date with the latest software improvements and fixes.
Oracle Applications: Patching
Oracle, System Administration, Enterprise
As a software engineer and gameplay designer at Maxis Games Studio (Owned by Electronic Arts), I designed and coded gameplay objects and interactions on The Sims2 and The Sims Unleashed expansion pack. I worked with top tier animators, artists, designers, and engineers to create novel, fun, and engaging gameplay experiences.
Software engineering and Gameplay Design for The Sims (Maxis Studio & Electronic Arts)
Electronic Arts, Games
As part of the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) Usability Sprint V (2007) event that Jon Slenk and myself led, I coordinated a bunchs of designers, including myself, to work closely with the lead designer on Firefox, Alex Faaborg, on conducting a heuristic evaluation on in progress designs of Firefox. Read <a href="http://blog.mozilla.org/faaborg/2007/11/" target="_blank">Alex's Mozilla blog post</a> or look deeper at the <a href="https://wiki.mozilla.org/FLOSSUsabilitySprint1107/Heuristic" target="_blank">usability findings</a>.
Mozilla Firefox Heuristic Evaluation
Mozilla, Open Source UX, UX Research
As a kick off event to an open source UX event I co-led (FLOSS Usability Sprint 5), I organized a usability test for the Open Source Applications Foundation's Chandler project hosted in Oracle Applications Team's amazing usability labs. This would not have been possible without my amazing colleagues generously donating their time to make this happen. Chandler is an open source integrated email, calender, and task management productivity tool. We introduced Chandler's developers to usability study protocols and got some great findings for them. Chandler left the session with key user pain-points and takeaways and understanding the positive ROI of usability research.</br><a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/eekim/sets/72157602834592547/with/1819874232/" target="_blank">More pictures of the event</a>
Chandler Open Source Project Usability Study
Open Source UX, UX Research
Jon Slenk and I co-led the FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) Usability Sprint V event in 2007. This event paired FLOSS product managers and developers with UX professionals over the course of weekend to sprint on specific FLOSS products' UX issues. UX support can be expensive and hard to find, especially for FLOSS products and companies. This event was created so the UX community could give back to all the great FLOSS software that does benefits so many. Google kindly hosted the event and we had great FLOSS companies and UX practitioners participate from places like Mozilla, Wiser Earth, Chandler, HP, Oracle, Aspiration, Blue Oxen Associates, and Open Usability to name a few.</br><a href="http://blog.mozilla.org/faaborg/2007/11/07/floss-usability-sprint-v/" target="_blank">Firefox Lead UX Designer's post about the event</a></br><a href="https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=floss%20usability" target="_blank">Pictures! Pictures!</a>
Floss Usability Sprint V
Open Source UX, UX Research
The push for agile software development practices was gaining momentum in the 2000s. Allen Gunn, a FLOSS leader, from Aspiration Software and I explored what this meant for UX and FLOSS development. We explored the current state, impacts, and dev models and presented our findings and ran a special interest group at <a href="http://www.chi2009.org/" target="_blank">ACM's CHI 2009 conference.</a></br>Download: <a href="portfolio/SIG112-schwartz.pdf" target="_blank">Paper</a> | <a href="portfolio/chi2009-floss-2.pdf" target="_blank">Presentation</a> (<a href="http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1520395" target="_blank"> ACM Archives </a>)</br> <a href="https://blogs.oracle.com/usableapps/entry/integrating_user_experience_in" target="_blank">My Oracle.com blog post on UX and FLOSS</a>
UX Integration into Open Source Software Development
Presentations, Open Source UX, UX Research
Patent: <a href="http://www.google.com/patents/US20120036462" target="_blank">"Mechanism To Communicate and Visualize Dependencies Between a Large Number of Flows in Software"</a></br>Filed: August 9th, 2010</br>Accepted: February 9th, 2012</br>During our UX work on Oracle Fusion Applications Setup and Maintenance, we developed unique user interfaces and user interaction methods for users to be able to successfully complete and manage tasks with numerous and complex dependencies. The setup and maintenance of enterprise software for large organizations involves juggling and tracking many different products and their interdependencies. This design innovation was our attempt to simplify, make more effective, and improve efficiency for this part of the software ownership lifecycle for users and customers. I led the filing of this patent and all the inventors collaborated on the design.
Patent to Communicate and Visualize Dependencies
System Administration, Enterprise, Patents
Patent: <a href="http://www.google.com/patents?id=ryzYAAAAEBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=alex+sorin+daniel+schwartz&hl=en&sa=X&ei=DlF9T-SbAqKhiALT2KWfDQ&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA" target="_blank">"Methods and Systems for Representing Breadcrumb Paths, Breadcrumb Inline Menus and Hierarchical Structure in a Web Environment"</a></br>Filed: Dec 6th, 2004 </br>Accepted: Oct 19th, 2010 </br>We filed a patent based on work related to software breadcrumbs and navigating deep hierarchies. For our work on Oracle Applications E-Business Suite's Procurement product, we were in need of a solution for users to navigate very deep hierarchies that allowed them to maintain their orientation and be able to back track in navigation at all levels. A version of this ultimately became the UI design standard for breadcrumbs in all Oracle software that leveraged Oracle ADF UI technology.
Patent to Navigate Deep Hierarchies
Procurement, Enterprise, Patents
Patent: <a href="http://www.google.com/patents/US20120151411" target="_blank">"Mechanism to Input, Search and Create Complex Data Strings within a Single Dialog"</a></br>Filed: December 9th, 2010</br>Accepted: June 14th, 2012</br> Our Account users are heads down when in their financial applications, whether working on general ledger or reporting, and needed a data entry component to enter in accounts in a fast and efficient manner. Through our user research, we discovered that these users still needed a component that had a powerful graphical user interface but that was optimized for keyboard use. With the users' needs and goals clearly in context, we developed unique user interfaces and interaction methods to update the already powerful and deal-winning Oracle Key Flexfields technology, used by some of the biggest companies in the world. I led the UX design for the project and filing of the patent for this invention.
Patent to Interact with Complex Data Strings
Procurement, Enterprise, Patents
I was honored to be selected to be part of panel discussion of UX designers and a chef at the annual Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference to discuss and debate the similarities and differences between designing high end software and 5 start restaurant cooking. <a href="http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/ux/applications/customerInput/090715_dishUp.html" target="_blank">More Info...</a>
Panel Discussion on Design @ CHI conference
Presentations, Enterprise, UX Research,
At the Usability Professionals Association 2008 annual conference, my colleague and I presented our lessons learned and best practices in implementing a UI/UX design pattern for Oracle Applications Setup Manager. The design pattern set established the standards, guidelines, and best practices for the product development team and all stakeholder teams and products that leveraged Oracle Applications Setup Manager (Part of Oracle Fusion Applications.)</br><a href="http://danielschwartz.com/portfolio/design-patterns_oracle_upa_v10.pdf ">Download Published Presentation</a>
UPA(UXPA) 2008: Presentation on Specific Use Case Design Pattern Best Practices
Presentations, System Administration, Enterprise, Patents
'Silicon Valley Karaoke,' Featured digital artwork for the ZERO1 Digital Arts + Technology Festival 2012 in San Jose, CA. The piece is a facade projection piece coupled with a mobile web application. The project aims to bridge the richness of Silicon Valley technology and arts cultures, and provides the seed for an ad hoc outdoor show to form outside the theater venue - where performances are usually inside - celebrating the great collaborative and communal spirit of Silicon Valley.</br><a href="http://www.zero1biennial.org/daniel-schwartz" target="_blank">Official Project Page</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://vimeo.com/51331083">Featured in video about ZERO1 Arts + Technology Festival</a></br> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/68622783@N07/8091976098/in/set-72157631755496446/lightbox/" target="_blank">Official Photos</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/262433983858937/" target="_blank">Official Facbebook Event Page (More photos & Videos)</a>
Interactive Art: 'Silicon Valley Karaoke 1.0'
Mobile, Art
Concept, visual, UI and interaction design for a mobile application to help people with movement disabilities have easier access to parking in large metropolitan areas. This project will be submitted to Code for America for further development support.
Mobile App to Improve Handicapped Parking
Mobile, UX Research
How can data be manipulated with natural user interactions (NUI) interactions/gestures to yield insights not possible with traditional interaction methods- mousing device and keyboard? Inspired by my continuing education at <a href="http://gaffta.org/" target="_blank">GAFFTA</a>, This question is explored in a project in collaboration with a top Kinect programming shop. We use the Microsoft Kinect to capture natural user interactions to manipulate and do other novel interactions with 2D and 3D graphs. The core codebases will also be created in such a fashion that it can be reused for other applications, such as for doctors to easily markup and manipulate medical drawings. Once a beta is out, we will share more information.
Business Intelligence + Kinect Interactivity
Enterprise, UX Research
Selected participant for the Tribeca Hacks Archive event (March 21– 23 2013, San Francisco @ <a href="http://gaffta.org/">Gray Area Foundation for the Arts</a>) by the <a href="http://www.tribecafilminstitute.org/filmmakers/hacks/" target="_blank">Tribeca Film Institute.</a> From the project page, This event was an opportunity for: "San Francisco’s leading filmmakers and technologists to exchange concepts and find ways to breathe new life into freely available archived footage online. The event is a three-day hackathon culminating in a juried panel and exhibition. The initiative is a partnership between the Tribeca Film Institute, San Francisco Public Library, Prelinger Archives, and Internet Archive and possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and Ford Foundation."
Tribeca Film Archives Hacks
Art, Hackathon
3D sketch for a modern wooden media cabinet design. The design intent is to evoke modern lines and simplicity in contrast to the complex technology that lies beneath. I designed the handles to evoke a stereo's visual audio bars, hinting at the technology that lies behind the doors. This is an earlier design snapshot where the tips of the handles were rounder than the final.
Modern Wooden Media Cabinet Design
Product Design, Art
When I was looking for an ergonomic computer desk to help me keep working at the height of my back injury, I researched many solutions. One solution I found allowed me to sit, stand, and lay down during use but the desk portion itself was not quite optimized for software design work. I worked closely with the manufacturer using my product design skills to design a tabletop that gave more flexibility at the elbows for better ergonomics during computer use. I also initiated the design of a tabletop that could be used not only in the laying down position, but that also could swivel and remain rigid when the user is standing up. This quality is essential when drawing and sketching. I am very pleased for the fact that this design can be put to use for many people to help them get back to work or keep working safely.
Workstation Design
Product Design, Art
A quick sketch of a dream car from my sketch book. Sketching is fundamental to my design and art process. My ideas and designs always start out from sketch and progress from there. It is one of my favorites part of the design and art process. Anything and everything is still possible.
Sketch and Design Process
Sketching, Art
'Spirit of My Neighborhood, San Fransisco,' Book and flyer design and creation, Collage, pen and digital drawing.
'Spirit of My Neighborhood'
Graphic Design, Art
'People of California,' Book and flyer design and creation, Collage, pen and digital drawing.
'People of California'
Graphic Design, Art
'One, Two, Three,' iPhone4 photo, Digitally manipulated. Submitted to Insight Magazine, Alumni Edition.
'One, Two, Three'
Photography, Art
North Beach from Taylor Street,' photograph and digital painting, printed on canvas.
'North Beach from Taylor Street'
Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Art
'The Streets and Colors of SF,' Acyclic and Oil Based Paints on Concrete (2014). Inspired by the wonderful colors of the windy and hilly streets of San Francisco, I created an original mural for an Italian restaurant, Pantarei, in the North Beach Neighborhood of San Francisco. The restaurant sits at the edge of the China Town and North Beach neighborhoods, so I evoked the intermingling of cultures through the use of interweaving colors and shapes.
'The Streets and Colors of SF'
Painting, Art
'Rainbow Sun in the Sky,' Watercolor, Digitally Retouched.
'Rainbow Sun in the Sky'
Painting, Digital Art, Art

Daniel Schwartz is an interaction designer and artist. He leads the user experience design for specific enterprise software products for a prominent Silicon Valley company. He works in wireframes, paint, html+javascript, photography, illustration, murals, and chocolate.

More work samples and details about the work above are available upon request