In a Nutshell

Product & UX designer with over 15 years experience leading, designing, and creating first class user experiences (UX) for enterprise-scale software on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. Technical software background compliments my design and communication skills. I specialize in the design, production, and development of UX and user interfaces (UI) for software applications. I love raising the bar of what is expected from B2B and B2C software. I am especially interested in analytics UX design and creating actionable and transformative insights for users and customers based on machine learning and artificial intelligence data-based systems.

 What Drives Me

Great design that tells a great story motivates me. A great design accounts for what users, characters in the story, really want to achieve and need from the product experience. A great design work has a clear and focused storyline that meets and exceed users' needs. Such a work also shows tremendous respect for its users throughout the story.

User Empathy

Understanding who I am designing for is always my first step. Understanding users' goals and painpoints is paramount to delivering an empowering user experience.


User experiences that are optimized to what users really need to get done. An airplane pilot needs one interface and an automobile driver needs another.

More for Less

User interfaces that make information and actions the star, while minimizing everything else.


User experiences that are enjoyable and pleasurable to use, no matter what the task.


User experiences that allow users to accomplish their primary goals and reach above their full potential.


Software that gives more feedback to users than the data it asks users to input.

 What I do

Just as proper user experience design considers the full picture of a product, I think it is important for a designer to be well rounded in all facets of delivering an optimized UX. This will allow the designer to be an integral and team player throughout the product design lifecycle.

User Experience

Design leader with 15+ years experience passionately crafting designs for top tier products. I can zoom out and design for the complete user lifecycle: from discovery, to purchase, to utility, to maintenance and upgrade.

User Interface

Create dynamic and straightforward UI layouts and components that are optimized for devices that a user may need to interact with: desktop, mobile phone, tablet, and/ or widescreen format (flatscreen TV).

Interaction Design

Design flows and supporting wireframe documentation that are optimized to users' primary goals and tasks based on strong user research.

User Research

Deliver thorough user profiles, users goals, and tasks decomposition materials. Conduct usability testing and site visits with key ROI and feedback metrics.

Rich Feedback Systems

Specialize in creating software that returns back to users more than they input in order to empower users in their work.

Data Visualization

Create meaningful visualizations of analytics whose primary goals are to reduce information analysis steps and enable users to derive new insights.

Visual Design

Create and lead the design of original graphical elements, color themes, and skins to ensure a fully polished user experience that doesn't stop at the interaction design.

Standards & Guidelines

Experienced at delivering and defining clear UI guidelines and design patterns that can be easily leveraged by many parties including development. I am passionate about consistency, especially in regards to common interactions shared throughout a product suite.


Hand code design concepts in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as many other tools to explore and validate new UI/UX ideas. I enjoy playing and exploring with the latest JS and CSS libraries, such as animate.css that was used for this site.